We are so excited to have you as a HIIP member, and can’t wait to get you started on your program.

Program Receipt and Agreement

• Your receipt with a link to your downloadable program  agreement was sent by email
• If you did not receive your receipt, please email support@paula178.sg-host.com

Program Shipping

• Your initial program materials and supplies will ship after the completion of your fourth payment in approximately three weeks
• A shipping notification will be emailed when your package is sent

Member Site Login Information

• You will automatically be registered in the HIIP online member community
• An email with your personal login information will be sent separately
• If you do not receive registration details within 48 hours, email support@paula178.sg-host.com

Welcome Call

• A brief orientation call with a HIIP Coach is the first step in your membership
• If you have not scheduled your call yet, please email support@paula178.sg-host.com

Support and Questions

• For assistance now and during your program, please email support@paula178.sg-host.com