Your Comorbesity Score


Comorbesity Score

Obesity-Related Disease (Comorbidity) Progression


Understanding Your Score

Your Comorbesity Score reflects the extent to which excess weight has resulted in or contributed to unwanted health conditions or symptoms that are associated with lower quality of life and premature death. In general, the longer you carry excess weight, and the more excess weight you carry, the more severe or advanced your level of Comorbesity. Your body weight history can provide a strong indication of likely disease progression, even if not yet diagnosed, and is used to supplement the information you provided about your current health conditions.

Your score of Stage I indicates that your current health is likely good, with no diagnosed or probable development of obesity-related conditions.* 

What Your Score Means For You

Your Comorbesity Score indicates that if you continue with your current efforts to maintain your weight, you will have a low likelihood of developing obesity-related conditions.

Be aware that your Comorbesity Score CAN go up should your habits and body weight change. To maintain your score and weight, it is critical for you to follow a structured eating and activity plan.

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HIIP Nutritional Fitness can help you with a nutrition and lifestyle plan that supports highly effective long term weight maintenance. If you are committed to making positive dietary changes and are willing to make an investment in your health, we'd be happy to discuss plan options with you.

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*Please Note: Your score is based only on information you provided and as such is not medical advice or a substitute for a complete medical assessment from your physician.