Your Probesity Score


Probesity Prevalence by Score Range


Understanding Your Score

Probesity is your underlying predisposition to gain (or regain) weight. Your body weight history is the primary determinant of your Probesity Score.  As someone who is among the 11% with a score of 91-100, you have a extremely high likelihood of becoming or continuing to be overweight or obese. 

What Your Score Means For You

Your Probesity scores indicates that you need to expend an extremely high level of effort to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and that you will have a extremely strong tendency to migrate to a higher body weight without close monitoring and conscious, consistent action to control your weight in a disciplined way. 

While your Probesity Score cannot go down, it CAN go up with any weight gain. To offset your underlying Probesity, and to avoid worsening your condition and the health risks associated with excess weight, it is critical for you to follow a structured eating and activity plan.

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HIIP Nutritional Fitness can help you with a nutrition and lifestyle plan that supports highly effective weight loss and long term weight maintenance. If you are committed to making a change and are willing to make an investment in your health, we'd be happy to discuss plan options with you.

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