About Your Probesity Score


High Blood Pressure

Your Probesity Score indicates that you have a high likelihood of becoming or remaining overweight or obese, with a high BMI.

A high BMI accounts for 65%-75% of all cases of hypertension or high blood pressure, which in turn causes numerous forms of organ damage. Most common is irreversible kidney damage, where physical compression causes long term injury and reduced organ function. Also prevalent is damage to one or both ventricles of the heart due to the constant increased pressure, which in turn results in congestive heart failure.

Take Control of Your Probesity and Health

HIIP Nutritional Fitness offers nutrition and lifestyle plans designed to meaningfully reduce your health risks and manage your Probesity so that you can achieve and maintain a healthy BMI.

If you are committed to making a change and ready to invest in your health, we'd be happy to discuss plan options with you to help you reach your personal goals.

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