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GoalAssure allows members to repeat their HIIP plan at a discount FOR ANY REASON.

The level and timeframe for GoalAssure discounts vary based on the initial plan purchased.*


25% Discount for Repurchase within 30 Days of Initial Purchase


30% Discount for Repurchase within 60 Days of Initial Plan Purchase


35% Discount for Repurchase within 90 Days of Initial Plan Purchase


40% Discount for Repurchase within 120 Days of Initial Plan Purchase


Discounts and Repurchase Timeframes Vary by Bundle

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*GoalAssure Details: GoalAssure discount excludes shipping charges. Goal assure plan coverage excludes BodyScripts plan purchases. GoalAssure discount is on the full retail price of the HIIP plan at the time of repurchase. GoalAssure is a one-time discount and does not apply to repurchases made with the GoalAssure discount. GoalAssure repurchase discounts may not be combined with other promotional offers or credits. GoalAssure discount timeframe begins on the initial plan purchase date. GoalAssure is available for initial purchases starting October 7, 2019. GoalAssure coverage is for discount on repurchase of plan with same stages and duration as initial plan purchase. GoalAssure terms and eligibility are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of HIIP. GoalAssure purchases may be made with the assistance of your HIIP coach.