Nutritional Fitness Evaluation

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No matter how much weight you need to lose, how long you've carried your excess weight, or how many times you've gained and lost weight, HIIP can help you to finally take control of your nutrition and health.

Our process begins with a Free Nutritional Fitness Evaluation Package that provides your with several reports assessing different aspects of your current health, habits and weight. We will then discuss your scores with you by phone, and help you to understand the steps you can take to make a lasting change to your health.

Just answer a few brief questions to receive a Free Nutritional Fitness Evaluation Package from HIIP -- a $100 Value (No Credit Card Required).

Your Package Includes:


Probesity Score Report

Measures your underlying predisposition to gain or regain weight


Contrabesity Score Report

Reflects the impact of your diet and lifestyle on your weight


Comorbesity Score Report

Indicates the effect of your weight on your overall health 


Phone-Based Score Review

Personal discussion of your scores and the implications for you

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