Your Contrabesity Score


Contrabesity Score

Personal Weight Management Effectiveness


Understanding Your Score

Contrabesity is a measure of the effectiveness of your total weight management approach, including your current diet, activity and lifestyle. Your recent body weight history is the primary determinant of your Contrabesity Score. Your score in the lowest possible range of 0-10 indicates that you are extremely likely to gain weight and extremely unlikely to lose weight.

What Your Score Means For You

Your Contrabesity Score indicates that the effectiveness of your current efforts to maintain your weight is extremely low, and you have an extremely high likelihood of additional weight gain. Further, with a BMI is that is meaningfully above the healthy range, you are very unlikely to lose your excess weight and reach a healthy BMI given your current approach. You should work to significantly improve your weight management practices in order to reduce your weight and improve your health.

To improve your Contrabesity Score, weight and health, it is critical for you to follow a structured eating and activity plan.

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HIIP Nutritional Fitness can help you with a nutrition and lifestyle plan that supports highly effective long term weight maintenance. If you are committed to making positive dietary changes and are willing to make an investment in your health, we'd be happy to discuss plan options with you.

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