Case Studies

Vicky Lost 52 Pounds

Starting Weight: 267 pounds
Current Weight: 215 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 52 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: High blood pressure, major health scare
Now: • Off blood pressure medication
• Has enough energy to live a healthy, active lifestyle

Cheryl Lost 70 Pounds

Starting Size: Size 28
Current Size: Size 18-20
Total Weight Loss: 70 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Getting her life back
Now: • Partner able to put his arms around her for the first time in years,
• Loves how she looks and feels

Mary Lost 85 Pounds

Starting Weight: 243 pounds
Current Weight: 158 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 85 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Struggled to find the right solution
Now: • Fits back in her wedding dress from 16 years ago
• Considered “super preferred” by life insurance plan

Denyse Lost 61.4 Pounds

Starting Weight: 193.8 pounds
Current Weight: 132.4 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 61.4 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, poor health
Now: • Bloodwork in normal range
• No longer takes medicine to control her diabetes
• In great health, and maintaining her weight loss

Yaniv Lost 121 Pounds

Starting Weight: 343 pounds
Current Weight: 222 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 121 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Struggled with any activity, felt miserable
Now: • Lives an active lifestyle
• Off all medications
• Decreased body fat percentage by 26%

Shelly Lost 47.5 Pounds

Starting Weight: 181 pounds
Current Weight: 133.5 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 47.5 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Yo-yo dieter, trouble maintaining weight loss,
blood pressure getting higher
Now: • Lost 49 inches
• Blood pressure in normal range
• Learned how to properly maintain her weight loss

Wende Lost 60 Pounds

Starting Weight: 243 pounds
Current Weight: 183 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 60 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Wasn’t taking care of herself, anemic,
constantly lacked energy
Now: • Has energy to engage with her kids and play with her dogs
• Never felt better about herself for accomplishing a goal

Marla Lost 60 Pounds

Total Weight Loss: 60 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Self-conscious, lacked energy
Now: • More energy than ever before
• Feels confident, has fun shopping for clothes

Kelly Lost 65 Pounds

Total Weight Loss: 65 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Was turned down for health insurance, lacked motivation
Now: • More confident and in control
• No more cravings

Tom Lost 54 Pounds

Starting Weight: 223 pounds
Current Weight: 169 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 54 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Diagnosed with hypertension and hypothyroidism
Now: • Has reduced arthritis pain
• Better metabolism
• Reduced and eliminated medications
• Eliminated snoring, gets a better sleep
• More engery and saves money on food

Cindy Lost 50 Pounds

Starting Weight: Over 200 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 50 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Felt depressed, body aches, menopause,
hypothyroidism, lacked energy
Now: • Came out of retirement
• Feels and looks great

Terri Lost 53.6 Pounds

Starting Weight: 249 pounds
Current Weight: 195.4 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 53.6 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Self-conscious at social activities,
depression, stalled career path
Now: • Beginning a Family Nurse Practitioner program
• Feels like she has her life, self-esteem and worth back

Angel Lost 85 Pounds

Total Weight Loss: 85 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Stage 3 breast cancer, needed to take control of her health
Now: • Increased energy
• Improved blood work
• New lease on life

Rosemary Lost 156 Pounds

Total Weight Loss: 156 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns: Realized she needed to make a change
Now: • Feels and looks better than ever
• Improved blood work
• Lives an active lifestyle
• Has the attitude and knowledge to maintain her weight loss

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