Your Retrobesity Score


Retrobesity Score

Weight Management Effort & Healthy Weight Sustainability Map


Understanding Your Score

Retrobesity maps the intensity of your weight management efforts (as reflected by your reported weight cycling and dieting) relative to the sustainability of your results in reaching a healthy weight.

Your score places you in the “Accepting” quadrant, which is indicative of relatively low effort to reduce weight to a healthy range, and poor overall results in terms of sustaining a healthy weight -- suggesting that you may have resigned yourself to living with excess weight and the serious associated health issues. 

What Your Score Means For You

Your Retrobesity Score indicates that you will need to significantly increase the amount of effort that you invest in weight management in order to achieve a healthy weight. Your current habits and practices are highly unlikely to result in a sustainable healthy weight or avoidance of long-term health issues.

To begin your journey toward improved weight and health, it is critical for you to follow a structured eating and activity plan.

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HIIP Nutritional Fitness can help you with a nutrition and lifestyle plan that supports highly effective long term weight maintenance. If you are committed to making positive dietary changes and are willing to make an investment in your health, we'd be happy to discuss plan options with you.

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*Please Note: Your score is based only on information you provided and as such is not medical advice or a substitute for a complete medical assessment from your physician.