Not Fiction. 

Scientific Weight Management 
with Reliable, Sustainable Results
using the
High Intensity Interval ProtocolSM

HIIP Members Have Lost
Pounds and Counting

What is HIIP?

HIIP is the most advanced, most effective method available for weight loss and maintenance, reversing even highly resistant, chronic patterns of weight gain, and enabling members to put an end to weight cycling or yo-yo dieting.

*Based on data from 2,453 members during weight loss
stages of program. Data reflects average loss so results
will vary by individual and are not guaranteed.

*Based on third party research data from phone and online
surveys of program members.

How does HIIP work?

Much like high intensity interval training (HIIT) which achieves unmatched fitness results through cycles of exercise and recovery, HIIP delivers unrivaled weight loss outcomes through cycles of fat burning and weight stabilization. HIIP also incorporates Interval Feeding, or daily structured eating periods that enhance results and provide a foundation for healthy long-term eating patterns.

Short, Achievable, Accelerated Weight Loss Periods
• Maximize results and speed of loss
• Minimize metabolic slowdown
• Align to optimal goal-setting timeframes

Training-Focused Weight Stabilization Periods
• Better maintain loss
• Establish set points to defend against regain
• Practice for long term weight control

Optimal Daily Eating Windows 
• Manage hormone levels
• Control hunger
• Maximize fat burning

What will I eat with HIIP?

HIIP involves only real, nutrient dense foods that are satisfying, easy to prepare and taste great. You select the foods YOU prefer – just stick to the allowed portion sizes for each meal.

What's it like to be HIIP?

Members quickly realize that the benefits of HIIP extend well beyond just weight loss, as they experience improved health and are empowered to to make better food and lifestyle choices.

*Weight loss results vary based on compliance, gender, starting weight and individual physiology, and cannot be guaranteed.

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No matter how much weight you need to lose, how long you've carried your excess weight, or how many times you've gained and lost weight, HIIP can help you to finally take control of your nutrition and health.

Our process begins with a Free Scientific Weight Management Profile that includes several reports assessing different aspects of your current health, habits and weight. We will then discuss your profile with you by phone, and match you with the best plan to make a meaningful and lasting change to your health.

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Contrabesity Score Report

Reflects the impact of your diet and lifestyle on your weight

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Comorbesity Score Report

Indicates the effect of your weight on your overall health 

(Shared during your phone-based profile review)


Retrobesity Score Report

Maps the sustainability of your weight management efforts 

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Phone-Based Profile Review

Personal discussion of your scores and the best plan match for you

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