About Us

HIIP is dedicated to helping “weight cyclers” overcome the pattern of gaining, losing and regaining weight that leaves them feeling frustrated, defeated and often heavier each time.

HIIP believes that the propensity to gain weight is a chronic condition that needs to be continuously and actively managed, and that this condition is only made worse by the conventional short-term, episodic approach to dieting.

HIIP addresses the underlying physiological, behavioral and nutritional causes of weight cycling, and engineers its programs to maximize weight loss AND prevent regain.

We are committed to truthful, ethical and responsible weight loss marketing and sales. We will endeavor to inform members when their medical conditions, medications or other circumstances are likely to impact their outcome.

We believe in the power of science and natural health restoration, and only offers services with a foundation in proven nutrition, physiology and behavioral research.

We are deeply optimistic about people and their capacity to learn and achieve, and create a relentlessly positive, supportive, aspirational and accountable environment to help unlock that potential.

There is no one thing alone that can reliably cause healthy, long-term weight loss – no single pill, food or exercise. We take an integrative approach to address the complete set of factors involved in weight gain.

We systematically prepare members to think critically about their food and lifestyle choices, navigate the modern food environment, and independently manage and maintain their own weight.

We promise that our commitment to your health and weight loss will always equal your own commitment.
From Our Founder:

As a former collegiate wrestler who spent most of my early years focusing on nutrition and fitness, I developed a deep and abiding conviction that, armed with the right information and personal motivation, anyone can control and change their health and body weight.

It was therefore to my great surprise that decades later, as the leader of a medical enterprise, I would witness firsthand a crush of people who were intent on undergoing various increasingly popular surgical weight reduction procedures. Having previously run a global research organization for many years, my curiosity and research instincts got the better of me. I soon found myself interviewing hundreds of weight loss surgery candidates to understand exactly what was driving them to take such a risky and costly course of action that had so many potential life-long complications, rather than losing weight on their own.

I heard a consistent story. These were women and men who had repeatedly and earnestly followed conventional, calorie-restriction focused diets, but were unsuccessful in either losing weight at all, or in maintaining the weight loss that they did achieve – commonly seeing their weight cycle higher and higher over time. They had given up on the idea that it was within their own power to lose weight and manage their health.

The statistics surrounding weight loss programs were indeed grim. With such high, seemingly unprecedented rates of failure, it was hard for me to believe that the weight loss industry – or any industry – could survive, let alone thrive. Even weight loss surgery, which offers a greater likelihood of short-term success, had an abysmal record when it came to long term weight maintenance.

These outcomes ran completely counter to my beliefs about what should be possible for each of us to achieve in terms of health and weight. And it was this obvious and urgent need for a radically better approach to weight loss that inspired me to found an enterprise dedicated to solving this problem.

It also gave us our initial objective — to create a safe, natural, non-prescription, non-surgical, therapeutic weight loss intervention that was as reliable as weight loss surgery in achieving predictable, meaningful and rapid weight loss results, but that also set a firm foundation for long-term weight maintenance and lifestyle change.

In our first years of research and development, one truth became evident. Most weight loss approaches are simply too narrow and short-term. The majority focus exclusively on calorie restriction, perhaps depending on packaged meals or meal replacements that are unhealthy, incomplete and unsustainable when compared to real foods. Others rely on a particular nutrient, type of exercise, the surgical restriction of your ability to eat, placebo injections or even just the use of tracking tools or technology. But none are a comprehensive solution to the chronic, underlying predisposition that drives individuals to easily gain or repeatedly regain weight across their lifetime.

Over time, I have become more and more certain that success lies in a holistic, integrated approach to weight management, and this idea animates our tenacious efforts to provide our members with the complete range of life skills, education, coaching, metabolic therapies and nutrition necessary for consistently effective weight loss and for sustainable independent weight management.

I thank you for taking time to visit our web site, and invite you to learn more about our program to see if it might be right for you.

Paul Amoruso
Founder & CEO

Average Weight Loss
A review of recent member data showed that no matter their starting weight, program participants lost weight rapidly and consistently, and achieved a similar range of daily results.

Total Weight Loss
This data review also showed that members on average met or exceeded the target of 10% reduction in body mass, the clinical standard for achieving meaningful, measurable health improvement through weight loss.

We promote the use of whole foods as the foundation for healthy eating, as well as the use of therapeutic nutrition in the form of high quality supplementation as needed to help correct physiological imbalances, dysfunctions or dietary deficiencies.
HIIP also recommends avoiding processed carbohydrates, as well as foods manufactured, grown or raised with harmful chemicals, antibiotics and toxins.

What You Should Eat
HIIP promotes whole foods as the foundation for healthy eating, with daily calorie consumption that is proportional to calorie expenditure once an individual has reached a healthy weight and body composition.
HIIP believes that the application of therapeutic nutrition from high quality supplementation can help correct physiological imbalances, dysfunctions and dietary deficiencies.
HIIP does not recommend the absolute elimination of any single category of macronutrient; in the absence of specific allergies or intolerances, protein, fat and carbohydrates as whole foods provide essential nutrition. However, HIIP does believe that the majority of calories should come from protein and fat rather than carbohydrates – especially during weight loss.
HIIP understands and appreciates the rationale of those who elect to avoid foods from animal sources for ethical or environmental reasons. That said, HIIP does not believe that eating only plant-based nutrition is optimal for a healthy diet, and instead suggests that complete nutrition is most easily achieved when food from animal sources is also included.

How You Should Eat
HIIP promotes home cooking and personal meal preparation, and fosters food selection and preparation skills for better control over exactly what and how much food is consumed. HIIP endorses the idea that simple, economical meal preparation is possible for most everyone, and that the skills and insights associated with selecting and combining ingredients enhance long term weight management.
HIIP recommends practices such as meal planning to encourage advance preparation and help prevent the selection of unhealthy foods for reasons of simple convenience rather than nutritional value. HIIP also supports the tracking of food intake to maintain vigilance around portion control, increase mindfulness, and prevent emotional or distracted eating, as well as other eating behaviors driven by factors other than true nutritional need.

What You Should Avoid
HIIP believes that what you avoid eating is at least as important as what you do eat.
HIIP recommends eliminating or minimizing the consumption of processed carbohydrates or sugar, which is known to cause weight gain, inflammation, hormone disruption and other disorders that underpin obesity, diabetes, heart disease and a range of other serious health conditions.
HIIP also suggests avoiding foods manufactured, grown or raised with harmful chemicals and antibiotics. HIIP recognizes the social norms that have developed around the use of alcohol and the challenges associated with contradicting these, but recommends minimizing or eliminating alcohol consumption given its toxic effects and the net negative health consequences of its use.

When You Should Eat
In addition to eating properly, HIIP advocates carefully managing and even maximizing the time when you are NOT eating, with meaningful periods between meals. In contrast to popular recommendations to eat many times during waking hours, HIIP prescribes brief daily fasting periods and less frequent meals as a key strategy for maintaining metabolic health and stabilizing body weight.

What Makes Eating a Challenge
HIIP believes that the modern food environment is largely at odds with human physiology and our evolutionary past, and that this conflict has resulted in our obesity crisis. The challenge of this environment is substantial, and includes:

• the pervasiveness of low cost calories, especially in the form of refined carbohydrates and low fiber manufactured products,
• the engineering of industrial foods that appeal to our biological programming to seek out and receive immediate gratification from sodium, sugar and fat,
• the lack of portion control in food servings,
• the relatively limited availability of healthy foods in locations such as work, school or while traveling,
the lack of transparency around food origins and contents,
• the presence of toxins in our water and food supply,
• the absence of proper nutrition education in our schools (along with generations of flawed nutrition recommendations),
• the inclusion in foods of complex chemical ingredients that are not easily understood by consumers,
• and our time-starved, less active lifestyles that have reduced our capacity to plan, shop for and prepare meals.

What Makes Eating Easier
As part of a holistic, lifestyle approach to weight management, HIIP deploys a number of strategies to help its members become “nutrition literate” and develop the skills to successfully navigate the modern food environment, including:

• structured dietary guidelines
• nutritional therapy
• research-based education
• behavioral training and new habit formation
• coaching support
• mindset and food relationship training
• community engagement and support
• meal planning and tracking tools

Our Commitment to Truthful Representation in Weight Loss Marketing and Sales
HIIP pledges to conduct marketing and sales in an ethical and responsible manner that truthfully reflects the weight loss products and programs being offered, by —

Using Only Documented Claims and Appropriate Disclaimers
HIIP claims regarding weight loss ranges or other outcomes reflect real customer data and case studies that might reasonably be considered representative. HIIP results are dependent on starting weight, compliance, gender and individual physiology, and cannot be perfectly predicted for a particular participant.

Specifying The Likelihood of Potential Results
HIIP weight loss ranges are averages for participants who are actively engaged in our programs, and there are circumstances when the weight loss outcomes may be higher or lower than average.
Prospective members should be aware that certain pre-existing medical conditions, activity restrictions, medications and other factors may impair results, even with full compliance to HIIP protocols.

Accurately Describing the Effort Required for Success
HIIP does not promote “magic pills” or patently impossible approaches such as “eat whatever you want” or “nothing is off limits”. Success in losing weight and maintaining weight loss through HIIP requires a lifestyle change that involves careful food selection, and results are based on the effort, engagement and long-term commitment of participants.

Providing a Balanced View of the Overall Weight Loss Process
HIIP does not exaggerate the importance of any single program element, but instead emphasizes the necessity of having all program components in combination to achieve successful weight loss and lifestyle change – including but not limited to portion control, food selection, intake of specific nutrients, activity, coaching/support and progress tracking.

Using Only Accurate, Authentic Member Testimonials
HIIP uses only real member testimonials for the specific product or program being offered. HIIP does not edit testimonials in any way that would meaningfully changes the message, intent, accuracy or attribution of such testimonials.

Using Only Accurate, Authentic Member Photographs
HIIP uses only real member photographs that reflect the results for the specific product or program being offered.
HIIP does not engage in editing, manipulation or staging that meaningfully changes the accuracy of such photographs or misrepresents actual results. HIIP accurately indicates the time frame for before and after photos.

Publishing Known Side Effects and Contraindications
HIIP considers the safety of its members and prospective members to be its highest priority. Prior to purchase, HIIP makes information available to prospective members that includes commonly known side effects to calorie restriction and diet change, and contraindications to use of the product or program being offered. HIIP attempts to use language that can be understood by consumers without special medical knowledge or training.

Prominently Displaying Billing Terms
HIIP staff always offer prospective members the best available pricing including promotions that may be available.
Prior to purchase, HIIP clearly displays the billing terms associated with the product or program, including discounts or finance charges, shipping and handling charges, membership fees, and any recurring or installment payments that require any duration of commitment, and/or require cancellation by the client after purchase in order to avoid such charges.

Clearly Stating that Results Cannot Be Guaranteed
HIIP offers products and programs that achieve reliable and consistent results when members adhere carefully and correctly. However, HIIP is not in a position to monitor and enforce the full day-to-day compliance of members, or to directly assess individual member physiology, and as such cannot make any guarantee of weight loss.
Moreover, any physiological process is variable, and guarantees around such processes can be misleading and as such are avoided by HIIP.

Keeping Personal Data Private
HIIP does not resell, trade or share data with any third party organizations for commercial use, including solicitation for other services or products. Members and prospective members of HIIP can always opt out of email communications with us online.

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